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Punta Paloma Recording Studio is a project of a musician: José María Sagrista, an unavoidable point of reference in the Seville rock scene during the eighties and nineties.

In charge of the technical side of the recording studio is José María Sagrista.

His CV include the creation of two groups, mythic for Andalusian music: “Gas” and “Círculo Vicioso”. Besides he colaborated during two years as live musician in the group “Triana” where he was involved in the recording of the album “Un encuentro”.

All through this period of time he has been training and developping simultaneusly as a sound engineer and a sound productor.

The first recording studio he started and developped was “Sonotone”, a place the majority of Andalusian groups of that time used to frequent.

The next step was to create, right in the centre, of Seville “Estudios Central”. There was where, during 15 years, Sagrista gained experience both in production and recording  work.

Many radical and alternative artists, prestigious flamenco musicians, reknown bands at a national scale and all sorts of artists have frecquented and still keep coming to this recording studio.

But there remained a dream to achieve: building a recording Studio by the sea

Today, alter nearly 20 years working hard full time, we can say that that dream has been fulfilled. “Central Tarifa” is the achievement of this dream held by all the musicians that, having been there, have somehow felt the spirit and beauty of nature “the mother of all mothers”.

Nini Carrasco has been involved in this project since the first day, she is in charge of the organizative and administrative tasks, as well as cooking atractive home meals. Her knowledge and work have been an essencial and basic part in the development of the Project.

To keep on with the family saga, Diana Sagrista has joined recently the technical team. José María and Nini´s daugher has been years studying and training in live and sound sounds. She has been in charge of lots of recordings and mixtures and she has widden our work field providing versatility to the studio and adapting audio visual post-production projects to the system 5.1.

If we speak about who we are we can´t forget the support and colaboration of all the tecnicians and productors that have visited and still keep coming and contributing to extend Punta Paloma Studio discography.