Recording Studio

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In the building of the foundations we started from scratch, which means we had to start with the foundations and keep on from there.


To achieve a complete isolation between booth/cabine, control and recording room, we built two independent big blocks made of concrete, these provide great solidity and a base for the acoustic interior design.


As far as the inner acoustic design we have used natural materials such as rocks and wood, they act as diffusers and reflectors providing a live and real sound and improving the sounds of both the acoustic instruments and the voice.


The size of the main recording room plus two more independent rooms, and the use of  screens, allows live recording of groups and bands.


Organization is essential to our way of working. In the recording studio of Punta Paloma we work specifically on a sole production, that way the client has at his/her disposal all the facilities to themselves during their stay.

There are neither shifts nor timetables. This fact allows clients to organize their timetables with complete freedom and they can decide their daily schedule and the length of time they wish to dedicate to work; for instance you could rest one day and take advantage of every minute the next.

The studio provides food and lodging so that you don´t need to move from Punta Paloma hamlet and can avoid trips and distractions, granting the musicians an atmosphere of constant concentration.

Technical support

You can work in the studio with your own technical team if you wish so (counting on our technical support whenever necessary). To make this possible our technicians work non stop on maintenance work and keeping the installations and machines in the studio in perfect order tuned tape recorders, all the systems perfectly adjusted, wiring ready and revised, possibilities of any type of connection, etc. With all this we can achieve versatility, comfort and efficiency, which are essential for the technician to become familiar with the studio in few minutes.

Office facilities

You have at your disposal an office inside the studio, to tend to the needs related to production work:
Sending and receiving e-mails and faxes, photocopies, internet, courier service and mail delivery. We also cover another basic need to work in a studio: engaging musicians for sessions, providing musical instruments, employing auxiliary teams etc. All these services are provided during 24 hours a day.

All these conditions together are basic to make your work more relaxed and productive. If you wish to suggest anything to improve our working conditions please let us know.