Audiovisual Production

Making of
Promotional videos
Videos for online distribution

We can take care of any audiovisual production from a videoclip to the  recording making.

In our experience recording in Punta Paloma Studio has been full of moments that are worth keeping. The organization of the studio makes it possible for the recording to become a story in itself. The scenery inside and outside the studio, the food and moments of relaxation or even the making of last time arrangements are all perfect.  That is the reason why we offer the possibility of making a video of the recording.

There are many musicians who have opted for using this scenery to record their videoclips.

What do whe offer?

We can take care of the whole videoclip production.  This means organizing all that is necessary: a team of experienced professionals, all the technical means, a sketch, searching for the location, actors, extras and  burocracy involved (permits, invoices, budgets).

What do you need?

Just let us know your budget and we will suggest a videoclip that adapts to it. You can also decide the sketch and choose locations and we will help you to carry out anything you have in mind.

How does it works?

We provide a list of professionals with whom we have agreements. If you wish to record your videoclip outside your city, we offer you the possibility of employing a team, a technitian or the musical instruments needed for the playback in various cities. In case you wanted to record in Madrid, Barcelona or even New York this would greatly reduce your budget.

If you want to make your videoclip with someone in particular, you just have to get us in touch with him/her and we will do the rest with your trust-worthing person.

How much will it cost me?

That will depend on your budget. We will adjust to it so that you get the best results and maximize its possibilities. You have the advantage of obtaining a pack which includes the recording of the music and the audio-visual production at a much more convenient prize than you would get by doing them appart.