Our Musicians

Jose María Sagrista

His creativity as a guitar player and music producer has no limits. He is an hyperactive mind, always ready to throw ideas out and make them true with an impossible timming.

He can compose arrangements for any instrument and every style you can imagine.

Api Vargas

api He has got a long experience as a drummer, spetialized in flamenco music.

He is currently playing with the spanish band “Los Delinqüentes”.

In his work as a session musician he has always known the way to get exactly the right touch for every song

Andrés Rodríguez

This versatil drummer will fit any style you may have in mind with an incredible strength and power: pop rock, hard rock, power pop…

He´s so used to the session work and he is able to adapt his own personality as a drummer to any song in just a blink!

Nani Conde

He has been a bass player since more than 20 years, working with plenty of bands in live and studio.

His sense of rythm and his musicality make of him an exceptional player and a brilliant session musician

+ info www myspace.com/naniconde

Everybody else

These are our habitual musicians. But of course every work may need external musicians for different arrangements or instruments. For this purpose we can use an endless agenda of musicians spetialized in every intrument or style, made of all the musicians we have met or received in our studio along this more than 20 years.