Where are we?

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The ideal environment to stimulate music creation

Punta Paloma is located very near Tarifa, at the extreme eastern and southern point of Europe and opposite Africa.

A southern paradise for sensitive musicians. One of the few natural and unspoilt spots of European coastline whith clean beaches, clear water, white dunes surrounded by pine trees and luxuriant vegetation. Temperatures are mild and there is  sunshine during most of the year.

A peaceful place sparcely populated, in fact Punta Paloma is inside a natural park (Natural Park of the Strait) and minutes away from another natural park (Alcornocales “cork trees” Natural Park) which is considered one of the ten most beautiful places in Europe, with Cork trees that are over a thousand years old, Gall oaks, Holm oaks and intact authoctonous flora.

This natural environment covers 180,000 hectares  and is one of the largest parks in Spain.

There are rural agencies organizing all sorts of activities related ton ature Duch as hiking, horse riding, etc. Nevertheless it is not necessary to move from the recording studio because just where we are, in Punta Paloma, we can enjoy the beautiful views of the strait of Gibraltar, with a deep blue sea and Africa just opposite us and if we go for a short walk we get to the beach.

All in all a perfect environment to stimulate music reation where complete silence, peace and true nature really exist, the night sky is full of stars and days, whether rainy or sunny, are always full of surpises and nuances.

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