Sound Design and post production

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We have created a new division in Punta Paloma Studios dedicated to the post production sound for Film, Tv, Docs and Comercials.

For this we have new staff, completely specialized in this kind of productions:

Diana Sagrista, head of department

And the collaboration of Xavi Saucedo and Victor Jiménez.

We offer the chance to work in Spanish, English, Iatalian and Catalan.

Our services go through the whole process:

From the location recording, through the whole sound design and to the stereo or 5.1 surround mix.

Location Recording Gear:

Multitrack Recorder with Solid State Drive SOUND DEVICES 788T SSD

Schoeps and DPA microphones

Lectrosonics wireless sistems with Sanken microphones

Adapted sound kits for every kind of production. From Feature Films to small low budget Documentaries or ENG´s.

Sound Design

Pro Tools HD II

5.1 monitoring sistem with full range Tannoy speakers

42” LCD screen

TC Electronic Finalizar for Mastering

Digidesign, Waves and Cedar Plugins

Get the chance of following the process on line through secure file transfer or come visite us in our amazing location. Be our guest, you are more than Wellcome!!


For ADR, voice over or any dialog recording we offer the best microphones, from a classic like Neumann U87 to the surprising AKG C12. Along with Avalon pre amps or Tube Tech Compressors. (Check our Raider for details)

The HUB monitoring system allows to have independent monitor mixes in case of recording more than one carácter at once.


Our Foleys Stage has the best acoustic for this matter. We also have the largest collection of useless pots, tools, furniture, scrap and all kind of things that will create, simulate or invent whatever sound you need.

Also, the amazing location of our Studio makes easy to get any ambient sound, form the beach, to the mountains or the city.

Sound Library

The best and more complete sound libraries including our Own, created throug years of field recording and lots of shootings in the most assorted locations.